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I am an Irish man who moved to Vancouver BC Canada in 2010 who has always expressed an interest in photography. Especially wildlife and nature photography but couldn't seem to start pursuing it until a couple of years ago when my girlfriend inspired me to pick up my camera again and start getting out there and learning more about photography. Since then I've had some photomag features and got an honorable mention in a wildlife photo contest. I've also been contacted by BBC Earth three times asking me for permission to feature some photos which has giving me some more confidence to pursue my photography and get better. I’m very lucky to do what I do and live in British Columbia as there is an abundance of wildlife here and the landscapes from rainforest to mountains are just amazing.

In the past I've travelled to places like the volcanic Galapagos Islands to see its wildlife but also went there to volunteer at a giant tortoise reserve. Unfortunately my cameras at the time of my travels were very limited so I will have to return some day.

All photos and videos on my site are by me and in the wild unless otherwise stated. 

Thank you for looking......

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